3 Trends in Concrete in Houston

[Posted 7 Feb 2013 by Ashley Aguirre]

Concrete in Houston is becoming even more beautiful all the time! Why? Through the use of these three decorative trends, of course.

TREND #1: One of the newest trends in concrete design is creating concrete spaces to look like other materials. This includes stamping, staining, and etching driveways, patios, around backyard pools, and more. A few of the most popular designs right now in Texas include a wood grain pattern and faux flagstone. Brick, copper, and other elements have also been created.

TREND #2: Other homeowners are taking the monogram trend to a new level. They are stamping and staining their initial of choice right into their concrete flooring! This often includes interior floors, grand entry ways, gourmet kitchens, and master bath suites. Other designs, including stars and mini-murals, are also becoming popular.

TREND #3: Bright color is also making an appearance on concrete coatings in Houston. Texas homeowners are getting more creative with their palette choices, while still adding value to their home.

Allied Outdoor Solutions helps Harris County Homeowners beautify their interior and exterior concrete without spending too much of their budget. Our designs are truly unique and we strive to help you create the space you have always dreamed of.
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