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Pool Decks

Exactly what you need to spice up your backyard.

Get a Classic Look for Your Pool Deck

Are you tired of your ugly pool area? Are you sick of the way your pea gravel erodes, and how painful it is to walk on? Is the hot summer sun burning your feet on your cement pool deck?

Choose Your Own Stone Pattern

A CarveStone coating for your pool is exactly what you need to spice up your backyard. If you schedule a free estimate with us, you can choose a stone pattern that will match your pool area. We don’t stamp the concrete or use stencils–we customize the look for you. Every project is a work of art that is sure to enhance and revitalize your pool area. Best of all, there’s no messy-tear out. We can work around your existing surface, whether it’s tile, cool deck, concrete or pea gravel.

Beautify Your Pool Deck Without the Messy Tear-Out

Even a simple change can give your entire backyard a facelift. A CarveStone coating can provide a colorful, textured addition to your existing pool deck. We can customize the stone look to compliment the exterior of your home, your landscaping and your pool. The possibilities are limitless! Even if CarveStone gets wet from the rain or pool water, CarveStone behaves exactly like real stone. The surface is safe and slip-resistant, which means your children will appreciate it as much as you do. Contact us today and see what solutions we have for your pool deck.

You can find more information here and see pictures here.