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Patio Covers

Getting outside doesn’t have to mean getting exposed to the elements, thanks to our collection of patio covers. Our patio covers are remarkably durable, constructed using innovative materials like Elitewood that make them virtually maintenance-free: resistant to stains, fire, sun, termites, rot, and even fading. They are just as importantly customizable: choose your patio cover’s color and style to match your house and landscaping. And because we know each home and homeowner is different, our patio covers not only allow you to choose from solid and insulated or open and sunlit, but are also designed to let you decide on the precise amount of sunlight and air you want to let in. Combine those options with the vast array of columns, walls, and floors you can build with our pavers collection, and the final product will be a patio that lets you enjoy the great outdoors without giving up the comfort and style of your home.

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