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Allied Home Services - A Division of Allied Outdoor Solutions offering Flood Restoration and Water Clean Up Services

“After Hurricane Harvey, we had two main goals: finding a way to help our community and taking care of our team. With our skilled labor and production systems, we believe we can offer a tremendous value to any Houstonian in need.”
– Drew Williams, President

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Our Mission

On August 25, 2017, a category 4 hurricane struck our country’s Gulf Coast. As it ripped across southeastern Texas, millions of people sought cover and braced themselves for what would end up being one of the most catastrophic storms in US history. For those of us who call this great city home, it was a time of despair, but also an unmistakable opportunity for Texas to show its resiliency. People from all over the state showed up ready to assist in whatever capacity necessary. They brought boats, diapers, groceries and clothes. While the devastation will continue for years to come, the appreciation we feel for the enormous compassion showed by our Texas community will surely last far longer.

As the city began the process of picking up the pieces, we at Allied quickly became aware of the construction nightmare just around the corner. Several of our own team members had their homes flooded and found themselves in the same predicament as many others in our city. Our employees expressed two chief concerns: first, that there wouldn’t be nearly enough local contractors to handle all the future work promptly, and second, that they wouldn’t know how to differentiate between a reputable out-of-town contractor and those who wanted to make a quick buck. These employees helped define for us exactly where our responsibility lies, as a company, for the immediate future. We realized we have the skilled labor, infrastructure, and much of the equipment necessary to get to work helping Houstonians “dry out.” What’s more, we can do that work promptly, and we can offer Houstonians the assurance of working with a name they know and trust.  This is why we created a new division called Allied Home Services.  This division offers home dry-out, water removal, and flood debris cleanup services.

It goes without saying that we will continue running our core business of outdoor construction. We have no desire to deviate from that long- term. We, in fact, will continue installing the various outdoor living products we’re known for throughout the fall and winter to come, and we plan to continue to handle that for many, many decades to come. In the end, though, we decided that the addition of demolition and drying services would still allow us to do what we do best–providing the highest-quality service at a fair price for people in need. We see moving into this new work, which certainly promises to be an exciting challenge, as our way of using our expertise to serve the community in what will be a trying few years AND taking care of all of the wonderful team members we’re responsible for as well. A win-win. We hope you’ll agree.



Treatment or removal of organic materials which could be compromised (wet drywall, flooring, cabinets, etc).

Water Mitigation

Reducing the moisture content of damaged items/materials.


Utilization of blowers and dehumidifiers to speed up the drying process


Assisting in the removal of all demolished materials and necessary personal items out of the house.

Not covered: Mold abatement and complete mold removal


Flood Water Home Damage in Houston

Our personnel has been trained with industry leading science on how to prevent and minimize damage. We’ve trained with Paul Rexroad. He has been an industry pioneer for over 15 years. His certifications include:

  • Certified Fire
  • Water
  • Mold and Smoke Restorer
  • WRT
  • ASD
  • CMR
  • CRMI
  • CCMI
  • IEP
  • Certified Professional Mold Protocol Writer
  • Indoor Environmentalist
  • National Trainer