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Why Pool Deck Resurfacing is Probably Your Best Option

Why Pool Deck Resurfacing is Probably Your Best Option


If you think that you might need pool deck resurfacing, then you’re probably right. An old, worn out, or faded pool desk is definitely not pleasant to look at, and tearing it down altogether is rather expensive. Your best bet is to just have it resurfaced to easily and affordably bring it back to its original glory. Take a look at why pool deck resurfacing is probably your best option.


A simple resurfacing of your pool deck is sometimes all it takes to significantly increase the value of your home and your property. You’ll know it’s time to do it when your pool deck really starts to show its age. And even if it’s still in pretty good shape, you may need to have it resurfaced in order to keep up with the changing times and styles. It’s the perfect way to revitalize your pool area and really get the most out of it.


Sometimes falls are just inevitable, but if you’re noticing that you or your kids are taking quite a few spills, the problem may very well be due to the surface of your pool deck. Having it resurfaced can completely change the texture of it, thus making it safer for everybody.

More Durable

You can’t control the weather, but you can do what you need to do in order to protect your pool deck from it. A simple coating on top of your resurfaced concrete will effectively seal your deck and protect it from the elements. This will also prevent unnecessary maintenance and damage from occurring.

Contact us today at Allied Outdoor Solutions to learn more about pool deck resurfacing and what it can do for you and your home.



Carvestone Pool Deck

4 Ways an Outdoor Kitchen Can Improve Your Quality of Life in Austin, Texas

4 Ways an Outdoor Kitchen Can Improve Your Quality of Life in Austin, Texas

Residents of Austin, Texas are always searching for more ways to enjoy the great weather of the region. Adding an outdoor kitchen to your property offers the chance to turn your backyard into a new living space. Where you can not only relax and enjoy the weather, but also prepare and serve wonderful meals without ever leaving your guests. Here are four ways an outdoor kitchen can improve your outdoor living.

Outdoor landscape

An outdoor kitchen adds a major style element to your outdoor space. It acts as a central focal point of the outdoor space where people congregate. It is easy to tie in the current theme of your landscaping within the kitchen, or start new and design the kitchen with an entire new theme. An outdoor kitchen gives your backyard that wow factor that transforms an average yard into your dream space.

Family time

Creating an outdoor kitchen offers an ideal place for a family to spend time. It allows for family interaction during meals as well as a place to sit and bond. Families tend to go their separate ways while indoors. An outdoor space has the benefit of having no walls or barriers to separate family members.


Entertaining is a popular activity for couples and families alike. An outdoor kitchen gives you the ultimate entertaining space to enjoy the great Austin, Texas weather while mingling with friends. You will have everything you need to prepare and serve meals as well as drinks. It also offers the convenience of not having to run inside every time someone needs something.

Home value

Home improvements almost always increase your home’s value, but not by the amount you spent on it. Some improvements increase it more than others monetarily and some improve its desirability on the housing market. An outdoor kitchen is a major selling point if you are considering selling your house in the near future. It will garner the attention of those looking for an improved outdoor space where they can spend time with friends and family.

If you would like more information on an outdoor kitchen for your Austin, Texas home, please contact us.


Allied Outdoor Solutions - Outdoor Kitchen

Allied Outdoor Solutions – Outdoor Kitchen

Pool Deck Overlay: Turn Your Outdated Pool Deck Into An Eye-Catching Backyard Attraction

Pool Deck Overlay: Turn Your Outdated Pool Deck Into An Eye-Catching Backyard Attraction


When was the last time you took a good look at your pool deck? The next time you walk outside, you should take a good look at it. Your pool deck should be able to withstand any type of summertime action. Your home’s pool deck should make your home’s pool as eye-catching as it can possibly get. If no one wants to step one foot onto your pool deck because it looks like it could give in at any moment or if it looks outdated, you may want to think about resurfacing your pool deck.

If you are not sure if your pool deck needs to have a makeover, here are some strong signs that it does:

Pool Deck Is Worn

If you have many people coming over to your home to take a dip in your pool, it is likely that your pool deck has seen its fair share of foot traffic. Your pool deck is also exposed to plenty of sunlight and plenty of chemicals from the pool water. When your pool deck is resurfaced, the damages to your pool deck will be reversed and your deck will look as good as new.

Pool Deck Looks “Old-Fashioned”

Have you had any complaints from your children that your pool deck looks old-fashioned? If your pool deck no longer has the “wow” appeal that it first had, it is time to give your deck a makeover. You can significantly change the appearance of your backyard just by updating your pool deck. You do not have to deal with a pool deck that makes you shake your head every time you look at it.

If you are tired of looking at your outdated pool deck and you are tired of hearing the complaints, contact us today to find out what we can do to restore your pool deck.


Allied Outdoor Solutions Pool Deck Overlay

Allied Outdoor Solutions Pool Deck Overlay

Concrete Overlay Solutions to Give Your Backyard A Makeover

Concrete Overlay Solutions to Give Your Backyard A Makeover


Concrete overlay is a versatile solution to makeover pavements and give features like patios and paths a more attractive look and feel. The choices of overlay include natural stone finishes and colors to achieve just the look you are looking for. Overlays can also be applied as a finish for new concrete, and as an alternative to more costly materials like natural stone or brick pavers.


Concrete Overlay Is More Than a New Finish

The overlay finish of concrete is used for mainly to give pavement surfaces a more attractive look. The process involves applying a layer of a special cement mixture to the surface of pavements and applying realistic textures and colors by hand. Unlike methods like stamped concrete, hand applied concrete layover will give surfaces a realistic looking finish.

Why Using Concrete Overlay is Right for Your Landscaping Design

Many other options for pavement finishes will require you to remove old pavements, but with concrete layover techniques, existing pavements are left in place and a new finish layer is applied to the existing materials. The layover cuts costs, creates a realistic look and gives you more options to finish pavements.

The Many Affordable Pavement Finishes with Concrete Overlay Colors and Textures

With natural stone, pavers and stamped concrete, you are limited to fewer choices when it comes to finishes on the surface. Concrete layover gives you a choice of colors and textures that are applied behind to create the look you want for the pavement surfaces around your landscaping.


Giving concrete, an attractive finish is simple and affordable with overlay. Contact us to give any plain pavements and concrete around your home an elegant look with an overlay finish.


Concrete Overlay

Concrete Overlay

Redefining Life Outdoors with Allied Outdoor Solutions

Redefining Life Outdoors with Our Skilled Austin Patio Contractors



When you’re looking to get a new patio, driveway, pool, pool deck, or outdoor kitchen installed in your backyard, you will more than likely need a contractor to assist you. Contractors will give you guidance on things that you haven’t even thought of. Redefining Life Outdoors with Allied Outdoor Solutions patio contractors is the best way help you carefully construct your backyard renovations exactly to you liking while making sure that everything’s placed just perfectly. Keep reading to find out exactly what our patio contractors can do for you.


Knowledgeand Experience 

Our patio contractors have the knowledge and the experience to get the job done right. We know exactly what to consider when planning to build a patio, such as the ideal location for it. This would include considering things like the architecture of your house, where the windows and the doors are located, where various equipment is located, and so on, in order to ensure proper and perfect placement of the patio. This will all make certain that your patio is as peaceful and flawless as possible.


Custom Jobs 

Our patio contractors will strive to make sure that all of your needs and desires are met. Whether you have a specific material in mind, a specific color, a specific style, or a specific finish, our contractors will work hard to make that vision a reality. Creating custom patios for our customers is what we do best, and not only will your patio look the way you want it to, but we construct them using only the best and highest quality workmanship and materials.


Contact us today and start Redefining Life Outdoors with Allied Outdoor Solutions.  We are A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau and Family Owned.






Redefining Life Outdoors

Redefining Life Outdoors


Get Ready to Entertain with Your New Outdoor Living Areas

Summer will be here before you know it. Warm weather and longer days will sneak in when you aren’t looking. Weekend cookouts and pool parties will become the norm, and many an evening will be spent outside sipping lemonade and watching the sun go down. 

Outdoor living areas can enhance your summer experience in many ways. Whether you are a summer chef, a fish at heart, or an observer, your summer will be improved by some simple backyard adjustments. Here are a few of the ways you can change up your yard to make it perfect for you.



Resurfaced Pool Deck

No backyard pool is complete without a nice surrounding surface. A beautiful new surface surrounding the water makes for a much prettier and enjoyable backyard landscape. Add some chairs, a grill, and a table for the perfect summertime hangout.

Fire Pit

Everyone loves late summer nights sitting around a fire. Campfire songs and s’mores bring back wonderful childhood memories and create fond new memories too. Custom fire pits built into your deck are an excellent way to add to your outdoor living space, and are a perfect addition to any summer party. Be sure to keep fire wood handy for those impromptu hot dog roasts and you’ll be ready for a summer full of fun.

Covered Patio

Sometimes the summer sun is too hot to handle. During these days, a covered patio is an absolute life saver. A covered patio gives you the ability to spend time outside without sitting in direct sunlight, so you can enjoy the great outdoors without the sunburn and sweating to go with it. Additionally, a covered patio area with a fan blowing is the perfect setting for an afternoon board game on a hot summer day. 


If these items sound like a good addition to your summertime fun, we would love to help you out. Please contact us today at Allied Outdoor Solutions for more information. 




Add a Kitchen To Your Outdoor Living Area

Outdoor kitchens are becoming a very popular way to transform your backyard into the perfect area for entertaining your family and friends. If you enjoy entertaining and outdoor cooking, then it only makes sense to combine the two into your own personal backyard oasis. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of adding a kitchen to your outdoor living area



Outdoor Enjoyment 

Outdoor kitchens give you the ability to really enjoy the outdoors. You’ll have a lot more fun entertaining when you can grill up delicious and healthy foods during your next social gathering right in your own backyard. And cooking is not the only thing that you will enjoy about it. You can really expand your outdoor kitchen to include a refrigerator, an ice maker, a patio heater, and lots of furniture and other accessories. Let your cooking and your entertaining preferences and styles run wild. 

Adds Value To Your Home 

Outdoor kitchens are a great investment and can add a ton of value to your home. It’s one outdoor home improvement project that can give you a serious return on your investment. You will get nothing but the best in materials and components, making your outdoor kitchen able to withstand even the harshest weather. 

Let us help you take your outdoor cooking and entertaining to a whole new level by creating your very own outdoor kitchen sanctuary anywhere in the Houston, Dallas, Austin, or Phoenix areas. It’s something that you’ll definitely be proud to call your own. Contact us today at Allied Outdoor Solutions to get started!



Add a Custom Fire Feature To Your Outdoor Living Area

Add a Custom Fire Feature To Your Outdoor Living Area

There really is no better finishing touch to your backyard oasis than a fire feature to help keep you warm and relaxed. It truly is the heart of a backyard, and can quickly become a major focal point if done right. Selecting the right kind of fire pit may seem like somewhat of a daunting task, but knowing what you have to work with definitely helps. Check out some of the unique fire pit ideas that you can add to your outdoor living area.  Contact Allied Outdoor Solutions today for a free in home consultation.


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Pool Deck Overlay – Get Back to Your Family

Pool Deck Overlay – Get Back to Your Family


Is your pool beginning to look outdated? Have you considered having your pool replaced? We can help, with a pool deck overlay. With an overlay, your pool area will look brand new.

Many times people choose to buy an older house and the pool area is really outdated. Other times, people choose a newer house where the pool area was never properly maintained. Whatever the reason, a pool deck overlay will solve your problem. An overlay has the ability to make your pool deck look brand new.

If you love to spend the days by the pool, or your house is the place that everyone gathers for family events, than this is not something that you want to put off doing. For many families, time by the pool is something that everyone cherishes. With crazy work schedules, and the demands of after school activities, sometimes it’s tough to have family time. When you finally have room in your schedule to relax by the pool with your family, the last thing you want to see is another project that needs to be completed.

If you are eager to get ready for spending time at the pool, then make the decision today to get this project completed, and enjoy your time with your family at your fantastic, upgraded pool deck. Don’t put this project off another day, your family time is too important.

For more information on having your pool deck updated, please contact us. We would be delighted to help add to the beauty of your house.



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The Best Patio Contractor in Phoenix

The Best Patio Contractor in Phoenix


Patios and Phoenix go together like coffee and donuts! If you don’t have a stand-out patio yet, you don’t know what you’re missing! Patios are so much more today than just a slab of concrete with a grill and a picnic table. Your patio can be constructed of stone, stamped and/or colored concrete, or pavers. You can add a pergola for a little relief from the blazing Phoenix sun, or install a fire pit to cozy up to on a cool desert evening. How about a soothing water feature, or even an outdoor kitchen? Dream big — it’s all possible, and limited only by your imagination!

Our company, Allied Outdoor Solutions, is a Houston based outdoor living contractor, and we’ve now expanded into the Phoenix area. We’re the top-rated contractor in Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, San-Antonio, Austin and every place in between. Look us up with the BBB — you’ll find we’re rated A+. That’s no accident! It’s because of the way we go the extra mile to ensure our customers’ complete satisfaction, from start to finish. It’s part of a commitment we made long ago to honesty, integrity, fair prices and great customer service. Ours is a family business that’s been operating in the Texas home improvement industry for 25 years. Only a company that truly values its customers and provides superior products and services can survive in the home improvement market for that long!

Contact us, or browse our beautiful gallery of finished projects, and see if you don’t agree that we’re poised to be the best patio contractor in Phoenix too!



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